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IoT Data Acquisition & Control

IoT data acquisition & control has become a state-of-the-art automation standard in the present industry scenario. To undertake the challenges for remote data collection and control, we indigenously developed industry standard IoT data acquisition and control hardware and software system, skYnet.

Our own programmable assimilated system is able to fetch different types of data from remote nodes and send to central web server through GPRS/3G/4G wireless network. We undertake complete system integration from remote hardware to design of web server using Amazon Web Services. Usually, remote nodes are powered on battery/solar panel.
Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Rain Gauge
Hydrometry - Ground Water
Hydrometry - Surface Water
Water Distribution Management
Sewage Management
Natural Gas Management
Agro-ecological Monitoring
Mining Instrumentation

Our expertise of designing DSP based customized instruments steers us to develop precession hardware, firmware along with PC based control software for mining arenas. Diversified mission critical interfacing of sensors strengthens our team to take the challenges of developing import substitutes and completely new instruments for different intricate applications.

We have in house proficiency to materialise an idea to end product form through design of hardware, firmware PCB design, fabrication, testing and commissioning. As all products are designed and developed in-house, we provide a strong after sales support.
Velocity of Detonation
VoD Calibrator
Instrumented Bolt
Defence Instrumentation

We create precession hardware, firmware, and PC-based control software for defense venues thanks to our experience building DSP-based bespoke instruments. Diversified mission-critical sensor interface makes our team more capable of taking on the problems of creating whole new instruments and import replacements for various complex applications.

Our in-house expertise allows us to take an idea and turn it into a finished product by designing hardware, firmware, PCBs, fabricating, testing, and commissioning. Since every product is created and designed in-house, we offer excellent post-purchase assistance.
Precision Time Measurement
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